Who Cares About Me?

My autobiography, The Ugly One in the Middle is out there for anyone who cares to read it. But, who cares? Around the time that I completed the third chapter of my personal story, the thought crossed my mind,  why would someone I’ve never met and  who doesn’t know me, care about my story? In fact, an acquaintance, masquerading as a friend, asked me, after I had told him that I was writing my memoir, “why should anyone, other than your family and friends care about your life?” He stopped me in my tracks. I stopped writing for a few weeks, until I experienced an awakening. I didn’t care that perfect strangers wouldn’t care about me and my crazy life. Likely few people will care about the fact that I was adopted, lived through four divorces and engaged in extra-marital affairs. The operative word is “care.”  Few outside my own circle will care. However, I like to think that book readers will enjoy a good story and maybe laugh at a boozing, adulterous radio DJ guy’s foibles. In other words, for those who do not know me and therefore, won’t care, my book may be a source of entertainment. For me, that’s enough. For anyone who has thought about writing about his or her life, I recommend you do it. So what if no none cares about your life. If you have an interesting story and craft it well you, may not collect fans who care, but you may entertain through your words. Speaking of words, one word of caution. Proofread your material and then hire an editor and then proofread again and again. You may just find that you have not only entertained people whom you’ve never met, but you will entertain yourself. The Ugly One

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