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Please write your book review or comments below. Foul language and insulting comments will not be approved for viewing. Negative comments and suggestions are as welcome as positive comments.

9 thoughts on “Reviews & Comments

  1. OMG! My housework isn’t done, my dogs aren’t walked, my man barely fed, but I finished your book. Wow! Awesome read! So many things I didn’t know about you. Married 5 times….seriously? Lol. So glad you finally found the right one. You two look amazing together….you look so happy. I loved your book, I couldn’t put it down

  2. Flo, thank so very much for your great comments. I’m so so I was the cause of your man’s starvation. Yes, married 5 times but as Martica says, “there’s no bad fifth.” She is indeed the light of my life.

    Lets never lose touch

  3. Hey Stan,
    Really enjoyed your book. Like I said before if my introducing you to my sister was going to cause you that much grief I would have met you at a bar in Halifax.for a drink. LOL But seriously I enjoyed the read, laughed at times and felt very sad for you at other times. What I liked most about the book was how you finished on top of the world with your lovely wife. After all the crap you went through it was very nice to read a very happy ending and it is not every day you see your name in a book written by your ex-brother in law that you are still friends with after all these years.

    Your old friend, Fred

  4. Great book…interesting life story. One of my relatives who grew up in Ottawa Brook borrowed my copy. He said he heard so many people talking about the book that he wanted to read it. 🙂

  5. i thoroughly enjoyed “The Ugly One In The Middle”. It is a well crafted story that grabs your interest right away and keeps you reading. Liked it a lot and look forward to the next one.

  6. Hey Stan, Started reading and couldn’t put it down. You didn’t pull any punches and told it like it is. Being your ex brother-in-law I know it is the true story. It is nice to see you can tell your story after you get on the right road to a happy and fulfilling life. congrats to you and Martica.
    Your friend Fred

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