Saturday, July 19-2014:    Book Signing at Coles, St Catharines, Ontario

b-sign-Coles-St-Cath-ON-00 b-sign-Coles-St-Cath-ON-08 b-sign-Coles-St-Cath-ON-09 b-sign-Coles-St-Cath-ON-01 b-sign-Coles-St-Cath-ON-07 b-sign-Coles-St-Cath-ON-06 b-sign-Coles-St-Cath-ON-05 b-sign-Coles-St-Cath-ON-04 b-sign-Coles-St-Cath-ON-03 book-signing-Coles-St-Catha


Sunday, July 6-2014:    Book Signing at Coles, in Sidney, Nova Scotia

book-signing-Coles-iona-00 book-signing-Coles-iona-02book-signing-Coles-iona-05 book-signing-Coles-iona-03 book-signing-Coles-iona-04


Sunday, July 5:    Invited for a Book Signing at The Legion, Iona, Nova Scotia

Finally Meeting with Jack Cool


book-signing-Legion-Iona-02 book-signing-Legion-Iona-03   book-signing-Legion-Iona-06 book-signing-Legion-Iona-07book-signing-Legion-Iona-08


2 thoughts on “THE UGLY EVENTS

  1. it was a wonderful evening , so glad to meet you in person after listing to you all thoes years , Hugh did such a great job introducing you , ( were all teasing him now telling hime he should take up motovational speaking ) 😉 lol ,, was great to sith with your beautiful wife while you were waiting for gas ,, haven’t finished the book yet but am enjoying it so much , Blessings to you both ❤

  2. what can i say Stan i was one year This June 5 of last mouth witch would have maked one year we met at the iona Legion what can i say it was great pleasure and also a great honor. and im so glad for facebook to keep in touch keep rocken stan hope to see you in cape Breton again best Jack

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